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  • Latest Version 2.34.6

Shadow Fight 2, now download new version for your PC and MacBook screen. Study more combinations and get new features.

About the App

App NameShadow Fight 2 for PC
CategoryFighting Game
CompatibilityPC (Windows 7/8/10/11)
Get it onGoogle Play
PriceFree of cost

Introduction of Shadow Fight 2 For PC

Above all, Shadow Fight 2 is a very exciting, fantastic, fighting, and nail-biting RPG game. The game story is also traditional and excellent and listening to or reading adds interest to the gamers. In addition, play it on PC to experience the awesome 2D graphics of the massively popular game.

Shadow, a great fighter, powerful swordsman, and dangerous warrior, had a passion for swordsmanship since childhood. He defeated many mighty warriors and enemies and thus set a great example of power before the world by turning the darkness of the world into a ray of sunshine.

Terrific Game Features

Amazing game Multiplayer

Are you looking for a file after that you can play on your PC easily and enjoy game multiplayer? The answer: I am providing you with an excellent file that you can download on your PC or Mac and explore the game multiplayer. Moreover, you can become effective and powerful in front of the world.

Open All Powerful Weapons

How can you easily defeat the monsters by unlocking all the powerful weapons? As you play the game and destroy enemies, your level gradually opens all the weapons. And so, you can efficiently destroy all the demons by getting dangerous weapons with diamonds. Similarly, you use powerful and dangerous weapons to annihilate the dangerous army of demons.

Shadow Fight 2 Max Level

What is the maximum level in this game, and how can we achieve it? This feature is exciting and awesome. The maximum level of this game is 52. Most importantly, you can get to this level when you defeat the demons and win the tournament to become the victor. Moreover, after achieving this level, you become the champion and win the fighting game award.

Intuitive Game Controls

Do you know about very interesting and convenient game-play controls? Answer: When you click the start button, the fight starts, there is an exciting punch and kick function at the bottom right. Similarly, on the left side, there is a downward movement control that lets you jump up, down, forward, and backwards and kill monsters while dodging them easily.

Specification of the Player

How can you customize a fighter, and how can it benefit us? Fighter customization is also a significant feature. Through this feature, you can customize the game fighter. You can change combat costumes and use powerful and dangerous weapons and further valuable items. This feature’s advantage will increase the player’s strength during the fight.

If you want to get unlimited features and resources then you download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK.


  • Certainly, the 2D graphics of the game are stunning with the action-packed full game.
  • In addition, the game-play and features of the game are amazing and unique.
  • Further, use dangerous weapons and increase your power by buying costumes with diamonds.
  • Most importantly, you can easily play this game on Windows 7/8/10.


  • Firstly, the downloading and installation process is very dull and protracted.
  • Secondly, you can’t unlock weapons and costumes in the game simultaneously, so you must increase the level together first.

Shadow Fight 2 Download for PC

Therefore, if you want to download shadow fight 2 for your MacBook and PC, so you should follow these few steps:

  1. Firstly, download the blueStacks X emulator from the official blueStacks website. Because without blurStacks emulator, you cannot play games on PC.
  2. After that, you open it and give personal information like username, password, etc. And just click on the install button and install this emulator.
  3. Please wait for some time to load. Open bluestacks after that installation procedure, in addition, transparent all security & privacy processes, and click on the allow button.
  4. After that, you’ll reboot the device, restart the window page that will appear in front of you. Just click the cancel button.
Shadow Fight 2 For PC
Follow these requirements to play the game on your desktop using the emulator.

How to install Shadow Fight 2?

Downloading and installing the bluestacks app subsequently, you’ll install the game in this app. Similarly, you’ll follow these few steps to install the game:

  1. Firstly, open the bluestacks app. This emulator already has a play store app.
  2. After that, click on the search box and find your game or app.
  3. After finding it, just click on the install button, and after that installation procedure will start, you can enjoy this game after completing the installation process.

If you are using iOS devices and looking for Shadow Fight 2 game for iOS, then click on it.

Summary of the Game

To sum up, the game’s story is very classic and exciting, attracting the attention of its gamer. Moreover, if I talk about game-play and graphics, I’ll experience 2D graphics of games to play on a PC or Laptop. Similarly, the features of this game are also very outstanding and efficient. 

Do you know?

Shadow fight 2 game is also available on mac.

The game download & install method is lengthy, but if you follow the above steps, you can easily do it.  In short, after making a complete guide about this PC game, we are ending this article. Above all, don’t hesitate to contact us through the comments below if you have any queries or need help with game download or installation. 

Therefore, we’ll be happy to address your queries.


Certainly, you can easily play this game on PC and all windows. If you want to experience the graphics, you should play this game on PC, because the best graphics can be better appreciated on a big screen.

Yes, now, with the help of bluestacks, you can play this game for free on PC, but you can play only on the bluestacks emulator.

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