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Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

  • Latest Version 2.34.6

In this updated version, enjoy thrilling RPG fighting and 3D realistic animation. Also, defeat demons faster with magic power and increase your maximum level.

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App NameShadow Fight 2
CategoryAction & Fighting
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Introduction of Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

Shadow Fight 2 is an action, thrilling, and fighting game. The 3D & 2D graphics of the game are beautiful, terrific, and outstanding. In addition, if you are bored with other games and have been looking for a fighting & action game, come to the right place.

Shadow fight 2 get Mega MOD starts with a unique, unforgettable, and epic movie that tells an exciting story. Shadow, a compelling and combative character, fights his strength and dangerous weapons and defeats many demons, and thus darkness of the world is ended.

At last, he closes all dark gates with unlimited energy and legendary weapons. Therefore, thus he reaches on the high level. Similarly, if you want to play more and level up to 150+ then you download Shadow Fighter MOD APK game and enjoy it.

Attractive Game Story

Shadow, a swordsman and mighty warrior, defies his family’s customs and reaches the shadow gate when a magical force attacks him, turning his body into a shadow. After that, he narrates the whole incident to Sensei and appeals to her for help.

Sensei tells him that if he wants to get rid of him, he must defeat most powerful demon titan in the shadow world, take an Asian seal from them, and then close the shadow gates. When the shadow starts to leave, Sensei stops him and says you need training. 

Shadow Fight 2 For PC

However, he laughs, saying no one can beat me, and challenges him. Shadow loses and takes Sensei as his teacher and takes training from him. Just then, he meets May, who offers to help him, defeats the six players, takes their seal, and then closes the shadow gates with May.

To sum up, suddenly, the titan appears and takes May with him. After that, the shadow defeats the titan after defeating many demons, saves May, and becomes human again. Also, see here about which is the best epic game in the world between Shadow Fight 2 vs Shadow Fight 3.

Modified Features

Unlimited Money & Diamonds

Fed up and bored using limited resources and want to know how this app can help you to uproot your boredom? The answer to this question is that the MOD version gives you unlimited free diamonds and money. Also, you can shop for free and buy heavy weapons for free.

Unlimited Gems & Coins

If you are worried about how to upgrade costumes, weapons, and other items with limited gems and coins? The answer is that the unlimited gems and coins of this MOD version will remove your worries from this application, and it will be helpful for you. However, you can easily unlock all items like costumes, weapons etc.

Customization of Fighter

Above all, you can customize the costumes, weapons, and other items. This feature will benefit you because you can get excellent costumes, weapons, and hermits for your players. All of these will increase his strength during the fighting. Moreover, download all fighting games old version now to use custom features like costumes and powerful swords.

Infinite Power of Magic

In addition, you get some power points without the MOD version, making the shadow fall quickly. Similarly, a valuable feature of this game is that you can get unlimited health of magic, which will help defeat the demons.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

Game Multiplayer

Furthermore, the ability and passion for defeating top and enduring players from under the world awakens within you. You prove yourself better than them by playing matches with all these players to make yourself the best, win all the prizes, get the rewards for your intelligence and ability, and get the championship medal.

Outstanding Game Controls

Do you know about these controls? If you don’t know, I am explaining these controls. These controls are too easy. Moreover, the left side of the game is one of the movement pad controls. That allows you to move forward, backward, up, down, and sideways.

Similarly, on the right side, other controls, like air kicks, powerful hand punches, and many others, can defeat the army of demons by using magical attacks.

Tournament Stages

On the other hand, top menu button, click on this and select the second map option. All Stages 1/24 will appear on the right side. Therefore, if you want to know VIP all bosses skills, scroll to the left. Furthermore, a number of powerful bosses ability will appear.

You can see the six main boss tournaments Hero Reborn, Secret Path, Trail of Blood, Pirate Throne, The Greatest Temptation, and Iron Reign. Therefore, each demon must be a kill if you want to open them all.

Maximum Level 52 & 99

Furthermore, by using tricks or formulas, can we increase our maximum level 5000? So, you don’t need any tricks etc., for this. Because I have brought you an application that will help you increase your levels, yes, certainly, you heard correctly, in which you can easily access level 52 and level 99 max.

All Weapons Unlocked

For the fans of shadow fight 2 real killer MOD APK, to defeat evil and demons, weapons are required. So, these weapons include knives, knuckles, steel batons, daggers, ninja swords, Machetes, blood reapers, and many other weapons. However, the benefit of this version is that all weapons are opened, which you can use to defeat demons.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

One Hit Kill

Above all, can we kill our enemy with a single blow? Therefore, Is that possible? However, can this trick be possible and invaluable for you? Therefore, if you want to kill your enemy with a single blow, you should use a blood cutting weapon. So, download the updated version to use dangerous swords and apply this amazing trick.

Without Enchantment Problem

Moreover, are you trouble about this problem in 2024? Its solution, if you already have its original version installed, delete it and instead download the modified version of the game from the site and get rid of this enchantment problem permanently.

MOD Menu Function

What is the mod menu function? When you start the game, you can see this icon on the left side of the game interface and homepage. Same when you click on the icon, homepage, settings, and other options appear in front of you.

No Ads During Fight

In conclusion, how can you avoid advertisements? If you want to avoid ads, uninstall the old version and download the new version because this version doesn’t show any ads, and you will relish this game.

Also, many gamers don’t want to see ads while fighting so they download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition. Because in this version they can access more premium features.

What’s New in New Year 2024?

A new stalker boss and game event have been introduced in this new year. In which Frost’s flight lord gets to see a variety of ancient artifacts that put the entire world in danger. Moreover, all the bugs have been fixed in this amazing version.

Wait for Summer Events

What’s in the new summer event that will pique our interest? Firstly, it is expected that you will face off against an enemy planning to turn the entire world into a black flaming fire along with the sun. Moreover, if you want to play online fighting games and save the world from dead, dangerous monsters, then play Shadow Knight Ninja MOD APK.

In addition, the feat wants to be accomplished in practice. The cold autumn is near, but the hot sun doesn’t want to leave the summer. Therefore, the world goes out from these burning flames. Can you help save this world with your power?

New Combinations Add in Event

However, here you are provided with unique coins. You must complete missions and different events. The more challenging your competition, the more money you will get. Therefore, the competition is tough and close.

However, choose an event where you can face those enemies with existing weapons. In addition, use the money to buy powerful weapons and valuable items, and add a new combination to the event.


  • Firstly, the excellent and exciting storyline.
  • Animated game-play, and 2D graphics of the game perform very stunningly.
  • Across stages, and use powerful composite swords to fight.
  • Furthermore, you can play online, on different locations.


  • Firstly, you must pay money to gain something.
  • Secondly, go across the level to use powerful weapons.

How to Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK?

An easy way to download the updated version. Just follow the steps given below:

  • First, delete the old version you already installed, then click on the download button given on our website.
  • A download page will open in front of you when you click this button.
  • After that, just click and will start to download the game.

If you play action games on PC and also want to play amazing Shadow Fight 2 on your desktop, then we are providing Shadow Fight 2 for PC. After downloading, you can enjoy this game on PC.

How to Install Shadow Fight 2?

Similarly, below are some steps to install this game:

  • Before installation, go to the android mobile settings and enable unknown sources because android mobile does not allow any third-party games or apps to play it.’
  • When it is enabled, you click the download file and click on the install button.
  • In short, after completing the installation, you can enjoy this game.

Last Words of Game

To sum up, after playing the game, I have deeply observed that in the simple version, you get entirely dull and bored, but in the MOD APK version, you get to see many things that fascinate and interest you.

In addition, this thrilling game makes you a champion of fighting and action. Therefore, now download shadow fight 2 update package and enjoy it and become a victor of it. In addition, checkout my and other action game players personal review of shadow fight 2.


At the end of the story, May falls in love with Shadow, a good-natured, sweet and caring lady, and begins a happy life with her. Sometime later, May was struck with a strange and dangerous illness that changed everything in a matter of moments.

Shadow Fight 2 is better than 3 because this story is simple & exciting, and the ending is also enjoyable. The gameplay is also fantastic, and overall, shadow fight 2 is outstanding.

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