Shadow Fight 2 Review

The shadow fight legacy was once again reinvigorated, with shadow fight 2 being released on mobile devices in 2014. This is the amazing brainchild of NEKKI: a continuation of the parent Shadow Fight.

It turns you into a shadow who keeps beating the demons and collecting the seals to get his life back. In this blog post, I will put some of its pros and cons into the limelight that will help you discover more about it.

Controls and Gameplay

Still, people find the controls unsatisfactory. It offers you too simple controls with far less customization. For example, there are limited options for attacking, i.e., ‘A’ for an arm hit and ‘B’ for a leg hit.

Even afterward, ‘X’ and ‘Y’ were included, which again did far less to satisfy the critics. In this game, button mashing seems to be the only viable strategy that helps you to counter your opponents well.

Shadow Fight 2 For PC

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PVP Mode

On one side, this version offers amazing PvP.  Diametrically opposite, its flawed combat system, grins-heavy campaign, and frustrating and poor hit detection make it less charming. On the other hand, you can not ignore its recurring problem of sync issues on different Android devices. Every time you switch your device, you might start from zero.

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Animations and Styles

One might point fingers that SF2 lags the character art. Still, its silhouette-style characters give you a far more realistic fighting experience. It is a unique combination of the old 2D fight genre, more advanced  Silhouette-style graphics, and RPG elements that let you upgrade your armor and weapons and add new skills. Overall, its catchy animations and silky RPG elements will just mesmerize you.

Weapons, armor, and Fighting Experience

It is intriguing that every time you change your weapon, it changes your character’s fighting style altogether. Plus, there are hundreds of weapons, each having a unique experience. You can keep updating your armor, weapons, and helmets with the in-game currency you earn from the fights and contests.

Besides upgrading your weapon, you will find it impossible to kill a boss. Similarly, the opponent’s ability to get invisible sometimes seems redundant. Ironically, one freaks out when Lynx eliminates your chance to move forward and desires to play further.

Shadow Fight 2 Review

In-game Money

There was a good tiding for people to get this popular Facebook browser-based game on Android devices. Still, The free version only does a little to advance in the game. Overall, its push to urge people to switch to the premium model by spending their real money seems undigestible to the fans.

Active and passive Perks

The active and passive perks decorate your fighting experience as you level up with the time in the game. For instance ‘Desperate’  passive perk gives you +30 damage when your health is 10%. Similarly, a quirky active perk Double Sweep lets you knock down your enemy by sweeping their feet off.

Storyline is Just Commendable

Its intriguing storyline will just spellbind you. You would start feeling like a samurai. The Shadow is set on the journey to wade through six different worlds, each with a big boss that you must beat. That way, you get a long way to the most fatal and deadliest ghost called ‘Titan’.

Shadow Fight 2 For PC

Get Onboard to an All-encompassing Journey

The good thing about his game is that at the end, you will wonder if you have missed any mode this game offers. It is because, in your journey, this game obliges you to play all the formats, such as tournaments, contests, and Duels.

 Wrapping Up of Shadow Fight 2 Review

Summing up all the previous debates, this legendary sequel of Shadow Fight is not devoid of flaws. But still, it is a masterpiece by NEKKI. If you ignore some of its issues of administrative nature, this is the best fighting game of its kind.

It is a great compound of 2D animation, silhouette art style, and real-time RPG animations. If you have played the ancestor Shadow Fight browser version, go for Shadow Fight 2. Even if you have newly stumbled upon SF2, it will blow your mind standalone.


Shadow Fight 2 is the most played version of the sequel, basically famous due to its storyline and 2D graphics. Since its inception, it didn’t have any PvP mode in it. But after some strong user feedback, it adds online Player vs. Player battles. Afterward, the same idea was replicated in Shadow Fight 3 and others.

Yes, you can play this game offline. Shadow Fight 2 provides you the offline battle modes now that you can choose to play even if you are not connected to the internet.

To be fair, the true competition lies in equal opportunities for the opponents. While using a mod version of shadow fight 2, you leverage many aspects such as advanced weaponry, armor, skills, and characters on the people who don’t use the mod version.

Contrarily, if you want to ease down your journey to the Gates Of Shadow and prefer amusement over struggle, you should choose the mod version of shadow fight 2.

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