Shadow Fight 3 Vs Shadow Fight 4

If you are curious about the new launch of Shadow Fight Arena mode, then you are a true fan of the Shadow Fight legacy. Most of you might have been playing that crazy ninja game since its inception. As a raving fan of Shadow Fight, you might realize that every time a new sequel lands on the internet, it opens up a debate in fan circles.

Even most fanboys lost their hearts when the ancestor Shadow Fight stopped on Facebook, but suddenly, the new arrival of legendary Shadow Fight 2 stirred the people in 2017. If you remember, you might have shown the same curiosity and zeal for Shadow Fight 3 at its opening to the ninja gamers.

Although there were some pointing fingers, most fans loved all the spectacular offspring sequels of Shadow Fight. And this Legendary legacy goes on as I introduce you to Shadow Fight 4, ‘The Arena,’ and its comparison with its previous version Shadow Fight 3.

Introducing Shadow Fight Arena

Shadow Fight 4, also called Shadow Fight Arena (SFA), is one of the outperforming fighting games published by Nekki and further developed by Banzai. Games. It is the magnificent sequel of Shadow Fight 3, a quirky continuation, but this game has many more things to offer to its raving fans this time.

As a pilot project, its soft launch was released in Canada and afterwards to the world on November 3, 2020.

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What are fans saying about SFA?

The Arena has come up with some unique ideas never seen before. Whereas it has appealed to the minds of some of the Shadow Fight lovebirds, they still have reservations about this startling ninja sequel. Thus, you might find the following arguments among the fans circle based on their experience:

Are fans Expecting another Story-line?

Have you been a regular Shadow Fight player since its outset? In that case, you might agree that there’s a hypnotic effect of story mode and the chapters of Shadow Fight, and you can not get away with that amazement every time you play all the chapters gradually. Thus, this time most fans don’t feel the vibes they had with the previous versions, especially with Shadow Fight 3.

Realistic Controllability

In the Shadow Fight Arena v1.7.15, there have been some concerted efforts to improve its control into more human life and near to reality, but still, people are not much satisfied with it. For example, in the dynasty in a combo, when you upgrade to Shadow Fight Arena, the response is sluggish.

Pointedly, people are looking for more flexibility and agility in the controls. Thus, there is a dire need to work on Shadow Fighter Arena’s control sensitivity.

Arena incompatibility with smaller devices

In this game, the developer has set too high standards for a device to operate diametrically opposite to the previous versions of Shadow Fight. For example, all the previous versions, such as Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3, are highly compatible with the smaller devices with their far fewer requirements for the devices, such as 3 GB Ram and other credentials.

Therefore, a huge shadow fight community doesn’t qualify for that criterion in Arena mode. That is why it has recent access to far fewer fanboys than Shadow Fight 3.

Shadow Fight 4 Arena for PC

Hiccups in operating Freak you out

The Arena is designed to be played in real-time with people playing online. Considering its requirements, there are many user experiences with Internet malfunctioning, networking, and other device-related issues. But it is expected that in the future, Nikki will update and resolve all the problems like that.

Additionally, there are still many input delays that irritate users. Therefore, there still needs to be many facets to be worked upon in Shadow Fight Arena.

Not accessible to Many Raving Fans

Cause of its high standard requirements, we can find a clear difference in downloads; with Shadow Fight 3 (mostly v1.9.29, v1.32.5, v1.9.38, and v1.9.4) having 3120k+ plus downloads, it has only 50k+ downloads. To resolve the issue of less turnout online, the developer has launched different AI-based bots you can play with if you don’t get your human opponent in real time.

It takes time to get its Optimum

There is also the staunch argument that we cannot expect a game in its full fledged running at its start. People back up that argument by saying Shadow Fight 3 v1.24.0 also lagged behind many things initially. It introduced only two chapters in its story-line. You might recall that in the beginning, shadow file 3 was also like a boring game with no missions and events, far fewer weapons than it has now, and far fewer types of chests available.

But with time, it started evolving into a legendary ninja fighting game with a raving fan following worldwide. Thus, Arena might perform optimally after the first or second update. But at the moment, it lags behind many things compared to 2 Shadow Fight 3.

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Player Vs. Player Mode in SFA

This Arena’s most jaw-dropping feature is that you can select 3 fighters to fight against the enemy in 3VS3 mode. Therefore you can experience this console-level battle of classical fighting with your friends. Choosing different characters available in the game.

This is the out-of-the-box feature that might make Shadow Fight Arena stand out. This feature lets you play with your friends online, a missing Feature in Shadow Fight 3 where they kept awaiting the fans with the promise of ‘Coming Soon.’

Taunts and Emojis

Another thing that seems very interesting to ninja gamers is the addition of taunts and emojis in Shadow Fight Arena. You can use a lot of emojis and poke your friends in your communication with your friends.

Game-play and Modes

There is mesmerizing game-play in Arena with Player versus Player( PvP) style mode with 2 basic multi-player sub-modes; Ranked and Unranked. With the above available options, you can play various multi-player fights such as 1Vs1 or 3Vs3. This addition is astonishing to the fanboys as it is never seen before.

In Rank mode, you will be given to fight with your opponent that matches your Dojo level so that you can fight real-time contests with your friends. But most of the time, initially, you have to play with the bots because of less online turnout.

 Besides that, you have two different options to connect with online opponents, such as ‘Hosting’ and ‘Joining’ you. You can also use your specific device fight Code to invite others to play with you. Time to fight!

Shadow Fight 3 Vs Shadow Fight 4

Game Events

One more interesting thing that Arena offers you is weekly events. You can participate in an event and fight games to push your rank up and get promotions in the game. You will get a huge chance to get different rewards and perks after winning all 5 fights. Seems amazing!

You can also get Shadow Fight 4 Promo Codes to open up more vistas in the game. But here again, the fans have criticized the in-game currency involved. For instance, you must pay some bucks to enter events for now.

Compare Shadow Fight 3 Vs Shadow Fight 4

Shadow Fight 4 Arena

System Requirements

Requires a heavy device with a minimum of 4 GB Ram and processor for its smooth operating.


  • It has spectacular real-time Graphics, far better than all previous versions.
  • Cool combos and streamlined controllability.
  • It launched Player Vs. Player (PvP) mode with 1v1 and 3v3 arrangements.
  • It introduces new events to boost your fighting experience in contests.


  • It has far less online turnout.
  • Most of the time, you are matched with bots that freak you out.
  • Initially, there were some hiccups while entering the data.
  • It entails higher device requirements that make it less accessible to most fanboys.
  • It does not offer any charming story-line compared to other Shadow Fight sequels.

Shadow Fight 3

System Requirements

Compatible with devices having 3 GB RAM.


  • It is a spellbinding RPG sequel to Shadow Fight 2 with a hypnotic storyline.
  • This version includes super attractive 3D graphics.
  • It entails far smoother controllability.
  • You will get here the limitless quests where you can start your epic story-line and explore the world of darkness through online battles and daily missions.
  • You can Play Shadow Fight 3 offline.
  • There is a Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK v1.33.2 available with unlimited money gems and max level.


  • It offers no PvP mode at all.
  • In-game money involves excessive involvement, which you can only clear beyond a level by spending some bucks.
  • The story-line seems far more complex to some users.

My Personal Experience

Being a Crazy fan of Shadow Fight, I have played it to the end with all of its sequels, and now I am heading toward Shadow Fight  Arena. The same debate reminds me of when Shadow Fight 3 was launched, and everyone compared it with Shadow Fight 2. Suddenly, we turned into its staunch fans after a couple of months.

Therefore, Arena will also be the center of our gaming life, like Shadow Fight 3. In a moment, I admit that this game needs many tweaks and adjustments, and they will do. But you will see the Arena far more adventurous and fun in a few months.

Time to wrap it up

The Shadow Fight 3 has now skyrocketed, but once it was also initiated, just like Arena. It also had fewer features than Shadow Fight 2 and fewer chapters, weapons, and events. But with time’s evolution, it became an awesome ninja fighting game with the best experience.

The same goes for Shadow Fight Arena, which might be your best choice in the future. Still, it has far exceptional graphics and real-time experience. But for now, it lags in many aspects, as written above. In a moment, comparing Shadow Fight 3 with Arena is unjust.


The most prominent feature of this game is the PvP mode, in which you can play 1vs1 or 3vs3 players online. This feature is never seen before in any other Shadow Fight version.

Most importantly, The Player VS player( PvP)  in Arena involves a regressive strategic part of the game-play. You have a team of 3 different heroes. Hence you can use their distinct fighting styles and specialties strategically. This feature makes this sequel stand out.

You can follow the steps below to play a 3v3 fight in Arena:

  • Get in to lobby and choose a game mode.
  • Select the 3v3 mode here.
  • Tap on the Create Or Join button.
  • Keep waiting till it directs you to your best match.

In Shadow Fight Arena, It primarily depends upon your Arena level to open up new characters for your game-play. Keep participating in Marathons, Fight passes, and Tournaments to increase your rank and access the latest and far-lethal in-game characters. You can also purchase them in Arena Store using in-game currency.

Both games are engaging and unique, but the best realistic graphics, boss skills, and wonderful customization features in the shadow fight arena. For this cause, Shadow Fight Arena is better than three, and those features attract gamers from himself.

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