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  • Latest Version 1.0.12

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition for iOS updated Version 1.0.12 free download from App Store. In this version, can enjoy amazing features and new skills.


APP NameShadow Fight 2 Special Edition for iOS
PublisherNekki Limited
Size368 MB
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Introduction of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition For iOS

Worldwide, most people like action and fighting games because this game builds interest in gamer. Nekki launched this game in 2014. After that launch, it is very popular worldwide, and the game has 100+ million downloads.

Most importantly, you download this game from App Store. This game will pay there as it will add some new and additional features. In the RPG 2D side-scrolling fighting, gamer will face and defeat demons to become the champion of the tournament and discover more additional features.

Furthermore, not only can you remove all ads, but the main advantage of this game is that you can easily play on iPhone & iPad. Similarly, if you want to experience high resolution graphics then you should play Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition on PC & Mac. You can encounter new weapons, armor, and new enemies face only in the mod version, not in the real.

Short Interesting Game Story

This story is about a powerful & dangerous combatant who will defeat all demons and, during the fight and victory, the biggest competition between a rock and a hard-place Demon Titan. In this game, the main character or fighter is Sensei, who is the mentor of shadow. Sensei, dangerous & outstanding and emperor of combatants, defeat all demons.

During the fight, he meets many new powerful characters and defeats them, taking power from them too. This story is almost the same old version but exciting and terrific. Furthermore, Sensei will get the sphere from the haunted prince to defeat him, who controls the prince’s mind. After that, an ancient character appears and brings everything back to normal.

Furthermore, if you want to know the amazing story of Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK and enjoy this game then download it.

Terrific Features

Treasure Trove of Gems

Firstly, do you want to get gems in special version 2024 and enjoy them on all iOS devices? Answer: this version is beneficial, in which you can get a treasure trove of gems and become the champion to get diamonds. You can also exchange your real money to buy gems.

Immense Wealth

How can you acquire immense wealth and buy gems and dangerous weapons with it? In this version, you can’t easily get money. Firstly, you will defeat all dangerous demons, get the sphere from the prince, increase your max level, and become the fighting world champion. So, this way, you will get unlimited money.

Limitless Strength of Fighter

Can the demons be effortlessly defeated with the help of the warrior’s limitless strength, and how can this feature be useful to you? Answer: With this feature’s help, you can further increase your power and annihilate the demons to reach the sphere. Furthermore, you can also bring out harmful guns to increase fighter energy.

Unlock the Arsenal

What’s the way to get the detrimental arsenal and conquer the monsters very easily? When you play the game and defeat the monsters, weapons are opened one by one to increase your maximum level. The dangerous weapons and combatant power increase, and monsters vanquish effortlessly.

Modifying a Fighter’s Specification

If you want to modify your fighter’s specifications, how can this feature be useful for you? Answer: in the special version, you can customize your combatant and modify his dress, weapons, and other items. When you modify your fighter, you will become a bulwark in front of monsters.


  • This version is available on iPhone, iPad.
  • Outstanding & interesting story-lines.
  • It has also added many new amazing features.


  • Firstly, shadow fight 2 special edition for iOS is paid. 
  • It does not have MOD version available.

Download & Install Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition For iOS

If you want to enjoy this game so, you will follow the download & installation steps which are following as: 

  1. Firstly, click on the download button.
  2. Meanwhile, a new tab appears in front of you.
  3. You will go to the App Store and pay for the game download.
  4. Further, click on the download app and wait for some seconds.
  5. After that, go to the device setting and clear all third-party cookies.
  6. Open the download file, and then click on the installing button. After that, select the done or open option.

Conclusion Statement

In conclusion, if you download the special edition version from the App Store, you will pay for it. The 2D interesting story is the same as the simple version story, but this story is about Sensei, the master of shadow.

Moreover, in this version, you can see and enjoy new features, characters, and boss skills. After defeating the monsters, you can get a treasure trove of gems and coins. As well as modifying your character and effortlessly upgrading your weapons, and increasing your character strength.

No ads and enchantment problems don’t disturb you during the fight. Furthermore, the download & installation method is a breeze. You follow the given steps. So you can fully enjoy this game.


Certainly, you can play on iOS very effortlessly. Moreover, you can play on your iPhone and iPad and enjoy this special edition version. In addition, in iOS, you can enjoy game controls very easily.  

Yes, this version is paid on the App Store, but you can enjoy Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK free. You download the free game file from our website and enjoy it.

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