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Shadow Fight three is a marvelous sequel to shadow fight, developed by Banzai and published by Nekki. This RGP game has become a far more complex and real-time gaming experience for the crazy fanboys. On the one hand, people find it highly challenging to upscale their experience and level within the game; sometimes, it bursts off the fans due to stalling their progression upwards to the Gates of Shadow.

Thanks to the developers who keep publishing various promo codes and freebies to buck up the shadow warriors. Today in this blog post, I will share with you such rewarding promo codes that you can use in your game to get high-end rewards such as coins, bags of gems, and many more things.

Why You Need Promo Codes?

It is a smarter way to elevate yourself upward in the game rather than grinding to incrementally upgrade your weapons, armor, and skills. Generally, three kinds of in-game currencies are used in Shadow Fight: Gems, Coins, and Shadow Energy. Whereas you can use the following ways to convert to the game currency:

  • In-game Grinding
  • Spending A lot of Money
  • Keep searching for the Bonuses and Promo codes for easy money and rewards.

Therefore, the third way is the easiest way to progress upward in Shadow Fight 3. If you keep seeking different promo codes, you can elevate in the game faster than your friends who don’t. Additionally, it will give you the best gaming experience with advanced weapons, armor skills, and characters. Thus you won’t spend your dollars to convert into in-game money to buy all these things from the game store.

Where to Get Workable Promo Codes?

These codes you can get from different social media sources such as Shadow Fight community circles, platforms, and the official website of Nekki. They keep sharing these codes on different occasions, such as events, the new year, or other festivals.

Shadow Fight 3 Promo Codes

But here is the catch, these codes are published for a very short period with short notice. Keep visiting the official page of Shadow Fight 3 on Facebook, Insta, Youtube, Reddit, and Twitter to get ahead in grabbing on a first come, first served basis. Thus, be the early bird before it gets too late.

13 Workable Promo Codes Cheat Sheet:

In 2023, we have created the promo codes below to grab your freebies, especially free, Combat vitamins, Growth Milk, Diamond, and other stunning in-game items. On this platform, we regularly update the list of fresh promo codes to give you the best user experience and adventure.

Keep visiting here, and get your best promo codes to outperform your competitors. Check out the following Codes and give them a shot now:

  • UF57-HYE
  • NB_elVBVxI3YF
  • PZ_wxnVjPEmbY
  • IF_3rPnO67C8F
  • DU_05oA7XDuW4
  • QU_98sDKolJ3u
  • BW_8m01CaRXpb


It might be that some of the above codes won’t work properly. But don’t worry; it is due to various reasons, such as the code you are trying has expired. Or it might be that you have already availed of that promo reward.

Expired Promo Codes:

Following are the expired code, but you can try them as well. Good luck. Give it a shot too.

  • P457-H2YE
  • NA2P-EQR1
  • MPCS-87DH
  • MY11-ARMR
  • BKPP-78HG

Beware of the Fake Promo Codes:

On the one hand, you can get many rewards and perks using these codes, but you can also get stuck in a trap by various fake promo code generators. Remember that many illegal promo code generators can many illegal promo code generators can put your device’sdevice’s security and personal information at stake.

That is why you need to fetch all the promo codes from trusted sources, such as the official social media pages of the game and other verified community forums for Shadow Fight 3.

How To Redeem Your Promo Codes:

If you don’t know how to use the codes, follow the super simples steps below to unlock hundreds of in-game coins, weapons, and armor:

Top and Free Promo Codes
  • Launch the shadow fight 3 Game
  • Go straight to the Game store
  • Tap on Free, then Promo Codes
  • Here you will find the button; Enter Coupon Code.”
  • Type the code we provide you into the box and press Ok
  • Get your rewards and enjoy your shadow fight journey

These Are The Possible Reasons Your Promo Code Is Not Working:

Are you tired of trying different codes expecting various precious rewards but getting nothing at the end of the day? Is it really stuffing? But you need to know why a code won’t work. The following are the core reasons for that

  • Your Code is Expired.Usually, each promo code has a time limit attached to it. Thus using a promo code after crossing its timeline will not get you anything.
  • If you have already used a code on your account, it won’t work again. Usually, one code operates only one time on the same account.
  • Sometimes the promo codes are region specific. Thus, the code you are stuffing your mind with might not be intended for your region.

Last Words

Shadow Fight 3 is far more complex and adventurous than its older versions. With its tri-part structure, such as Dynasty, Legion, and Herald, you need different skills and weaponry to upgrade your old gears to make your high water mark.

Thus promo codes get a front seat in your Shadow fight journey. Your journey to the gates of shadow needs a boost. Therefore, it is time to get free in-game upgrades and items with promo codes.


If you want to get gems other than using the promo codes, you can still have that by watching the ads; you can get up to 10 gems a day by watching different ads. On average, one ad gives you one gem. Apart from that, you can also pop up by purchasing the pack of gems using real-time money.

There can be that some filthy developers may launch their so-called promo codes to steal your phone data. Soon after you use these codes, you can get into their trap and let them steal your personal data. But here is a catch, you can avoid that by using promo codes from authenticated sources such as Shadow Fight Platforms, Forums, and the official website.

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