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Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK (Max Level)

  • Updated Version 1.0.12
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Shadow fight 2 special edition, very amazing and fantastic premium features. Download here for free and get max level 52 after defeating the titan.

App Details

APP NameShadow Fight 2 Special Edition
DeveloperNekki Limited
CategoryRPG Action
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduction of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

This game, exciting, thrilling, fighting, and popular RPG action, published by Nekki in 2014, is popular worldwide, with over 200 million installs. If you download the app from the play store, you’ll have to pay for it because it provides new and advanced features. 

With the help of the force, you’ll end the persecution and violence of the Titan during the fight. Not only can you remove ads and energy elements, but many new items have been added to the Special Edition. You can collect weapons, power up, and customize the fighter for both paid and free.

Interesting Game Story-line

Shadow Fight 2, the special edition version of the game, has almost the same story as Shadow Fight 2. One day, the iris city prince came to sensei and said that LYNX, who hired Hermit, wanted to kill him, so help me. Sensei fights with LYNX and defeats him. After that, sensei fights with Hermit and defeats him, continues his journey, and meets with Butcher.

Butcher also tries to kill the prince, but sensei also defeats him. Furthermore, the prince runs away, leaving sensei alone. After that, sensei meets Wasp and says Widow sends to take the Sphere, but he lies because the Sphere already took one day ago. Wasp hates telling lies and her fight with sensei, but unfortunately, sensei defeats her. 

Moreover, the Wasp told him that the prince broke the heart of the Widow, which made her sad. Sensei meets with Widow and listens to him. The Widow also said that the prince took the magical Sphere and had a magic power attack on him.

Sensei goes to the prince, but the prince does not listen to him. Sensei fights with the prince’s right-hand shogun and defeats him. A special character, young sensei, again tries to tell him, but when the Haunted prince touches the Sphere, he loses his brain. After that, sensei defeated the prince.

Suddenly, a new character, Ancient, appears there and stops time, and all is done well. All’s well that ends well. If you want to know shadow fight 2 story and enjoy the game feature then you click and download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK.

Modified Features of Special Edition

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK

Unlimited Gems & Coins

How can you get unlimited coins and gems in a Mega MOD APK game, and how is this useful for us? Mod APK version, easily get unlimited coins & gems. Similarly, with the help of these coins, you can buy powerful weapons, armor, costumes, and other items. On the other hand, you can increase your power after getting these things through it.

Infinite Money & Diamonds

Can you get unlimited money after becoming a champ in this game, or can you buy diamonds with your own money? Answer: In this version, you can’t earn money after becoming a champion. However, you can get unlimited diamonds in this version with your own money and defeat enemies to get free diamonds.

Limitless Power of Fighter

Is the enemy easily destroyed by increasing the fighter’s strength during the fight, and how can he increase his power? Yes, you can destroy your enemies with power or energy. Further, you can use powerful, dangerous weapons or gadgets to increase the fighter’s power and defeat the demons effortlessly.

Unlocked All Weapons

What’s the way to unlock all the weapons in this game, and how can these weapons be useful during combat? All your weapons are unlocked as you defeat the enemy during the fight. Moreover, with this help, your energy increases, and you can get energetic weapons without difficulty.

Highest Level 52 / 99

Do you want to know about the maximum level in the special edition? Answer: Firstly, you start by fighting and winning stages and tournaments to triumph over adversity. In this way, you can get the maximum level on the rise. Moreover, in this advanced version, your warrior defeats the enemies and reaches the max level of 52 to reign supreme.

Complete Alternation of the Fighter

How can you change your character, and what is the benefit of this feature? Above all, customize your character and it’s very easy to change costumes, hermits, weapons, shoes and everything else. With this feature, you can make yourself powerful and easily conquer your demons during battle. If you want to enjoy a lot of features on the big screen to play, then you will download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition for PC & Mac.

What’s new in Shadow Fight 2 special Edition?

However, if we compare the original APK version with the latest special version 2024, you’ll see many different new things in this game. Firstly and foremost, the costumes, weapons, and other equipment are cheap. Secondly, the game models are presented uniquely, and combos skills upgrade so that you can defeat characters like Shogun, Hermit, Haunted prince, etc.

 Moreover, the character can be strong by completing difficult missions with the help of coins and diamonds. Regarding picture-perfect, comparing it with the previous versions is challenging. You can appreciate its graphics best by playing the game. Furthermore, you can fix all enchantment stats and fix some freezes, crashes, and lags.


  • Exchange Katana sword weapons with one another and increase your character power and defense attributes.
  • Upgrade new and old weapons very easily with coins and money.
  • Most importantly, play online worldwide and become a champion.
  • 2D graphics are very effortlessly experienced on every device.  
  • Gain new skills and attributes as you level up.


  • Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition version is paid for the original file.
  • Some new items and weapons in the game also require payment.
  • In addition, this version is difficult for some players who are not interested in fighting & action games.
  • Completing the level process is very long and takes a lot of time.

Download Method of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

If you are ready to download this game, you must follow these few instructions such as:

  1. Firstly, you delete or uninstall the old version on your mobile phone.
  2. Secondly, click on the download button and within a few seconds the MOD APK or Mega MOD APK file will be downloaded.
  3. Afterward, go to your phone’s privacy and security settings and enable unknown sources.

How to Install Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Similarly, you follow some of these installation methods:

  1. Firstly, click to open the download mode APK file.
  2. Secondly, after that click on the installation button and wait for the installation process to complete.
  3. After that installation process, click on done to finish or click on the open file button and then enjoy it.

Conclusion of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

To sum up, the action and exciting special game versions are free for android, and the story of this game is the same as shadow fight 2. But in the game’s story, the main character, a young sensei, is a teacher of the shadow. Moreover, in this game, you can get coins, money, and diamonds with the help of increasing your power and level.  

So, some new and special features are included in special edition, which you can use and explore very effortlessly. Further, you can exchange and upgrade old weapons to increase power in the fighting world during the defeat of the demons.

No ads and enchantment problems are faced in this game, and similarly, downloading & installation methods are easy. So you can readily enjoy it.


Firstly, if you download the special edition version from the Google Play Store, you’ll pay for it. But don’t worry, on the other hand, if you download shadow fight 2 special edition MOD APK with our method. So you won’t have to pay money.

Above all, this version has a maximum level of 52. Moreover, if you want to increase further, you can defeat the demons and gradually increase your level.


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